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Study smarter, not harder

Adaptive Learning AI to build mastery faster 
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Pick your subject or topic

Edplus offers 150+ topics to learn and 5,000+ videos. Topics include math, science, geography, history, English, modern foreign languages, and more. 

  • School subjects
  • Languages
  • And more!


Find out what you know

Start by reviewing the topic to find out what you know and determine strengths and areas for improvement.

  • Variety of question types
  • Real time feedback
  • Establish your baseline


Edplus personalizes for you

The adaptive learning AI creates a learning path for you. Edplus adapts to your responses and personalizes your practice to increase your grasp faster... smarter.

  • Processes your responses
  • Determines how to adapt
  • Personalizes the experience for you
key features
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Study smarter with Edplus!

The research is clear – to learn effectively you need to study regularly (in small amounts).
We understand it can be hard to stay motivated and we're here to support you with this.
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