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Here are answers to our most Frequently Asked Questions. If you need assistance with something else, please contact our support team.

General FAQs

Who can benefit from Edplus?

Edplus is aimed at individuals who are studying one of the topics we cover and want to study smarter, efficiently and to review and master that topic.

What can I study with Edplus?

Over 200 topics can be studied with Edplus. Everything from learning languages to passing tests. If we haven’t got what you’re looking for then let us know and we’ll see if we can help.

Are my studies with Edplus personalized?

Yes! Edplus has created a personalized learning system that was developed in collaboration with Professor Francis Brown from Oxford University. The Edplus adaptive learning algorithm will take you through a topic by focusing next on the items of knowledge for which you have not yet demonstrated mastery. Items for which you have already demonstrated understanding will be cycled through your studies less often.

On what devices can I study with Edplus?

Edplus works on most popular Apple and Android mobile phones and tablets (including iPhones). As long as you have created an account, you can sign in on your device and begin or pick up where you left off.

Can I study with Edplus offline or do I need to be connected?

Edplus apps require internet connectivity to work through a topic. The app must send your responses back to our learning algorithm so that we can adjust the difficulty level and provide you with the next items in your study path. However, if you lose connectivity momentarily (e.g. you go through a tunnel), the app can carry on for a short time, as we do buffer some material for these types of interruptions.

FAQs about Pricing & Credits

Is Edplus free?

We want people to be able to try Edplus and see if it suits them. So… when you first install the app you are given 3 credits for free. These can be used to unlock any 3 topics in the app. If you wish to unlock further topics, then you need to get more credits. This can be done either by earning credits, buying credits, or subscribing.

How can I earn credits in Edplus?

You can currently earn credits in the app by:

  1. creating an account;

  2. using the app 5 days in a row (a 5 day streak);

  3. or refer a friend – if they install the app via your link, you earn a credit.

How do subscribe or buy credits?

Within the app you can subscribe (which unlocks everything) or buy additional credits. Go to change topic and you will see a link to “get more credits”.

FAQs about Uploading Video Questions

Who can upload video questions?

Anyone can upload video questions. However, for us to review and potentially include your video question, you must first create and be signed into an account. This is necessary to allow us to contact you about your video question, to identify which video questions belong to you, and to ensure that you have read and understood the terms and conditions for user generated content. If you are under 18 years of age, you must have the permission  of your parent or guardian before you upload video questions to Edplus.

What is required for an uploaded video question to be published?

When we review video questions, there are a few basic criteria we have. First, the video should clearly ask the question. Second, the person asking the question must be reasonably centered in frame. Third, videos need to be in focus and use appropriate lighting – we cannot use videos that are too dark. Finally, all videos must adhere to common standards of decency.

What happens when a video question is published?

Once we have published your video question, it will be added into the app. This means that other Edplus learners will begin to see your video question as part of their Edplus study. In some cases, we may have multiple videos per question – in that case, we present them in a random order.

What happens if a video is recorded twice for the same question?

If you record a second video question for a question you previously submitted, then the new/second video will override the first video that you submitted. Only one video question recording is held per question for each learner.

What if I want to change my video once it has been published?

To change a video that has been published, you will need to wait until you are asked that question again. Then simply make and submit a new recording. This will override the first one.

What makes for a great video question?

Hmm… good question. We love seeing the creative and fun ways that some questions are asked. If you can bring the question to life in some way, that’s really cool! If it makes you smile, it will probably make us smile too!

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