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Edplus Adaptive Learning Engine


Edplus uses a unique algorithm to make learning as fast and efficient as possible. Developed by Edplus in collaboration with Oxford Professor, Francis Brown, this adaptive learning AI is based on the following principles:

  • Practice makes perfect.

  • Rehearsal forges long-term memories. Optimize learning efficiency with spaced repetition.

  • Interest-driven learning. We are more likely to learn facts relevant to what we already know and understand. Maximize the uptake of new information using topology of knowledge.

Edplus records how each learner has answered every previous question.  It uses this data to optimize its teaching strategy (and not for anything else!). The adaptive learning algorithm uses a concept of topology of knowledge to choose questions in a way most relevant to each learner, based on what that student already knows. This approach is built on the science of memory retention to help the learner memorize answers and attain mastery as efficiently as possible. The study process gives optional hints to introduce new challenges and reinforce general principles and concepts.

Learn more in our white paper
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